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Choosing Great Child Care

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Choosing Great Child Care

The Do's And Don'ts Of Making Pick-Up Time Easier

Steven Caldwell

Parents rejoice when their child loves their daycare center, their teacher, and their classmates. However, when a child doesn't want to leave at the end of the day, that can be frustrating and even a little hurtful. After all, parents are usually really excited to see their kids after a long day away from them!  

Transitions and change can be tough for any toddler. Although your child loves both being at home and being at daycare, going from one to another can feel overwhelming sometimes. Nearly all parents deal with a tantrum at drop-off or pick-up times at some point. Consider these do's and don'ts to make the pick-up time easier for your child.

Ask Your Child to Share About Their Day

When you arrive to pick your child up from daycare, ask them to tell you about what they did that day. At that point, they may be able to show you some of the things they did in school. For example, if the class created an art project, the teacher may have it on hand to show you. Using the pick-up time to allow your child to share about their day can help them feel excited and good about this time of day. 

Plan A Daily After-School Tradition

Make a habit of spending some focused time with your child immediately after they come home from preschool or daycare. Your little one will love the attention and look forward to it each day. You may choose to take turns deciding how you spend that time. One day you may read a book together, then another you may dance to music. 

Do Offer a Reward at Pick-Up Time 

After greeting your child at pick-up time, gently let them know about a reward that's waiting in the car. If they really love a certain snack, you may have that waiting every day. If they like variety, you may opt to surprise them with something different each day. Tailor the treat to your child. When a preschooler or child who goes to daycare has an award waiting for them, they are naturally more likely to get excited about this transition in the day. 

Give Your Child Some Control

Some children hate drop-offs and pick-ups because they feel they don't have control over what they're doing and where they're going. Give your child some control at pick-up time if they show unhappiness. One way of doing this is by allowing them time to say good-bye to their friends on a one-to-one basis. Another thing you may do is allow your child to choose the activity they get to do next. For example, if they love screen time, you may allow them a few minutes of screen time on the way home. 

Finally, try to be flexible as your child continues to learn and grow. They may go through a phase where drop-off times are more difficult than pick-up times. Try to stay present and patient. Keep an ongoing, inquisitive dialogue with your child to help ease each change throughout the day. Look for daycare services near you like Lighthouse  Academy and ask the staff for advice.